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Cancer as My Sacred Wound

I am doing some deep inner work where I explore my past, and things that have deeply wounded me, and instead of just being a victim to it, I am owning them as Sacred Wounds.

Sacred Wounds are things that do scar and hurt us in life...but they also become the strength and power that we transform with.

I was journalling about Cancer being my Sacred Wound, and I wanted to share this in the hopes that it can help people who may be going through something scary to try to see the sacredness around the wound.

My Sacred Wound of Cancer

Without Cancer I would still be suffering through horribly painful periods and perhaps still bleeding for months on end. My Hysterectomy has saved my life.

Without Cancer I wouldn't have had the severe shake up in life to REALLY make some huge changes in my eating and how I emotionally treated myself to allow me to release 140 pounds in a healthy way.

Without Cancer I may not have taken my Hypnotherapy training at HMI with such a passion to help me get through the war happening within my body. I may have just taken the training as I normally do to better myself and add to my business and not receive it so deeply as the tools that literally saved my life.

Without the huge metamorphosis I've gone through since Cancer, I would not be able to inspire others to know that they can get through anything AND lose A LOT of weight even after menopause.

Without the huge changes I made to my eating habits after Cancer, I would not have the HUGE amounts of energy I have now and I wouldn't feel as good in my body as I move throughout the world today.

Without Cancer coming in when it did, I may still be gaining weight and suffering in complete denial of my health.

Without Cancer coming into my life when it did...I might be dead.

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