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Burning My 30’s Away

Today is the Full Moon within the month of my birth…so I am going to harness that beautiful Full Moon Solar Return energy, and ring in my 40’s the right way…burning some shit!

The following is what I am done with from all 10 years of my 30’s:

  1. Learning lessons within drama and pain.

  2. Attracting emotionally unavailable men.

  3. Fear of following my heart.

  4. Procrastination on the book.

  5. Procrastination on transformation.

  6. Anger at myself.

  7. Anger at the world.

  8. Doubting my soul choices.

  9. Hiding my light.

  10. Depression.

  11. Fear of Success.

  12. Fear of failure.

  13. Lack of discernment on who and what I spend my time on.

  14. Disconnection from my body.

  15. Loving with all of my heart one who cannot receive love.

  16. Being at a vibration that does not bring me what I deserve.

The following is a list of the Wisdom I hold onto from all 10 years of my 30’s:

  1. Knowing when to walk away.

  2. Loving with all of my heart in an amazingly vulnerable way.

  3. Seeing red flags and acting accordingly.

  4. How to start and run a business well.

  5. How to ignore the fear and chase the passion.

  6. How to say yes, even when I am afraid.

  7. How to say no, even when I really really want to.

  8. How to feel like one sexy bitch.

  9. How to quit.

  10. How to rebirth.

  11. How to focus.

  12. How to open my heart wider than its ever been.

  13. How to meditate.

  14. How to hear the Divine guidance in all of its forms.

  15. How to own me.

  16. How to be compassionate.

  17. How to love me more than I ever thought I could.

Happy Full Moon….

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