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Breaking The Seal

When I was in my 20's, there was a saying within a group of friends that were drinking together, that the first one who urinates is the one who "Breaks the Seal" and once that happens, everyone will have to go to the restroom, and whoever "Breaks the Seal" will have to go every few minutes because the seal was broken.

I was thinking about all of the new things I have been bringing into my life this year, and I realized that I am reclaiming the term "Breaking the Seal" in a very positive way, because this year, I have broken the seal in many aspects of my life and I definitely welcome more of the following into my life:

1) Traveling to the East Coast - This was huge for me, and within the trip I took just a couple months ago, I broke a few seals all at once. I visited my dad's side of the family for the first time in over 35 years. I had a heart-healing bonding experience with my cousin, spent time with my Aunt and Uncle and look forward to returning in the Spring of 2020 to drive up and down the East Coast to see as many of my Cousins, Aunts and Uncles as I can.

My Cousin Megan and I 35+ years ago

I also broke the seal of 1) traveling across the country to speak about Hypnotherapy in another Country (Canada) and 2) flew on a plane for the first time in MANY years...both of which I am calling more of into my life in a big way. I am ready to travel further and speak to larger audiences about my passions Reiki and Hypnotherapy...the 2 things that have literally saved my life.

2) Going Back to School - Making the decision to go to Hypnotherapy College was one of the scariest and most exhilarating decisions I've made in a long time. Sort of like the decision to say, "yes" through the fear of flying across the country to speak about it to a large audience when the opportunity was offered to me.

I already have more things I plan on adding into my tool belt and am more than willing to travel to learn these things now that the Seals of Travel and School have successfully been broken.

I will become a Karuna Reiki Master in Hawaii, go further into my studies of Hypnotherapy and NLP and am open to finding the perfect next places for me to learn from, even if it involves travel.

3) Weight loss and health - Tonight is the New Moon, and I did my New Moon weigh-in, and I have officially hit 75 pounds that I have lost since January 2019. I have broken the seal of weight loss without dieting, which was always my downfall with previous weight loss.

I do not have a specific "diet" I am doing, other than being vegetarian which I have been most of my life.

Rather than diet, I have changed my relationship with food and my cravings on the subconscious level, which allows for my new normal to create the weight loss I desire.

It also creates a desire for movement and exercise.

The past 2 weeks showed me just how much I have changed on a cellular level with finally for the first time in my life having a body that literally craves being in motion.

I suffered 8 HUGE spider bites on my ankles and foot right where shoes would rub, so I had to spend the past 2 weeks pretty much in flip flops, which does not allow for the hiking and long walks my body has grown accustomed to.

I have to say, the first time I was able to hike a few days ago in Joshua Tree, I felt that amazing elation within the first 10 minutes of movement and after hour 2...I was so high on endorphins I never wanted to stop!

I have broken the seal of movement, and I call so much more of it to me by also breaking the seal of hiring a personal trainer, which I have NEVER EVER even thought of doing...until this year.

These are three pretty epic seals that were broken in Year of Physical Metamorphosis.

Which brings me to 2020...a NEW fricken DECADE.

I have been thinking about what theme I would like for 2020 to start out this new decade, and it has come to me that I would like to break the Seal of Love...the most epic seal there is to break in life.

I've played the field and have experimented plenty in my 20's and even more so in my 30's. In my late 30's I fell in love...hard. The aftermath of that relationship not working out literally broke me apart, and I retreated after that as far as my heart goes.

I half-heartedly dated, but when scary things with my health started happening in 2017, I retreated again from love, because I needed to focus on my body and healing the vessel which allows me to live, breathe, and love this lifetime.

I decided that since I was dealing with Cancer, Hypnotherapy College and completely transforming my body/mind/spirit that it was a great time to give the middle finger to finding a partner and took myself out of the dating game completely.

I made myself invisible and within my Hermit Cave, I licked my wounds, nurtured myself, listened to my Higher Self and for the first time in my life really put myself first before that eternal search for love.

I am no longer searching for love because I am love.

It has taken so much deep work on myself in many different layers to get here.

First releasing men in my life that were not what I deserved as partners. Then healing from that release. Facing the fear of what was happening with my body and then healing on the physical level from Cancer and surgery. At the same time....learning to reprogram myself and having the patience to allow that change in a real way to heal my Inner Child/Subconscious Mind.

The next layer was making the right decisions with what I allow in my body as far as food goes and who I will allow into my heart as far as a partner goes. I feel as if he is already with me...and it has absolutely nothing to do with any man I currently have in my life.

I am love...I feel love...I exude love...and because of this, I have officially left the Hermit Cave, and am out and about in the world being seen, heard and approached by men in a big way, which brings me to my theme for 2020.

2020 is my Year of Love.

I will continue the self-love, of course, because we can never really get enough of that, and I will also be opening myself up to dating again (in a real way) and very much look forward to breaking the Seal of Love beautifully and passionately within grace and ease.

I love who I've had...and I deserve more.

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