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A Woman Who Heals with The Wolves

I cannot believe it has been so long since blogging…my last one was 4 months ago!

Much has happened, and tons of new things have rushed in as 2018 took off with a bang!

One of the most healing and beautiful was my first encounter with a pack of wolves EVER at Shadowland Foundation.

Now I have always thought wolves were cool, and beautiful and admired them in movies, books, etc…but never have I pet one, or cuddled with one or gave Reiki to one until the first week in January which lead to many more visits with this beautiful pack!

2018 began with a Blue Moon, and I decided that I was going to make this year a Blue Year, which means I will try things you only do once in a Blue Moon…ALL YEAR! So each month, I am trying things I have never done.

January’s Blue Year experience was meeting a pack of wolves, and what an amazing way to start 2018 off!

I booked a private tour for five friends and I, so we had the whole grounds and wolves all to ourselves. As we arrived that morning, we heard the pack of wolves howling hello to us, and it sounded so powerful and otherworldly, I immediately got the chills and tears welled up in my eyes.

We were introduced to one single wolf named Alaska, and her job is to greet new people, and get our scent on her to take back to the pack, so they can smell us on her, and be prepared for our visit.

She was so huge and majestic…and such a sweetheart. We learned some do’s and don’ts with wolves and were on our way to meet the whole pack with Alaska’s ok.

We spent a good hour and a half petting them, learning about them and loving them. I loved every single one of them…but there was one wolf that I had a huge connection with, and his name is Freedom.

Freedom is “The Lone Wolf”…he has a separate spot he stays in while the rest of the pack spends time together. He is also known as The Heart Healing Wolf, and I found out just how true that was when I first met him in January, and continue to find it out each time I spend time with him.

Collette, their owner/wolf mama said that Freedom’s foot was hurting him, and he was limping, so I of course offered to do some Reiki on him. The moment the Reiki turned on, he plopped down on his side and showed me his belly. I was able to stay on the ground with him for about 30 minutes while we were shown a film about wolves and how they help the environment and how to help.

He took big breaths, sighed and put his huge paw right on my heart chakra as I was giving his leg Reiki. I felt an energy I had never felt before…I call it Wolf Reiki, and I felt such an amazing connection to this wolf, and was mesmerized by his eyes, his sounds he was making to communicate with me and his love.

There is nothing quite like staring into the eyes of a wolf, and feeling the love and wisdom held within.

The day spent with Freedom and the pack was amazing, and we all left better people for it.

When I got home, I had an intense cry that came out of nowhere…deep sobbing and a huge release from the subconscious, because I had just had the best day ever, and had nothing underlying that I knew of that was making me sad.

I had a huge release from the Wolf Reiki, and knew that I had to go back…one visit was definitely not enough. This was no thing to check off a bucket list never to do again. I booked my overnight trip for the next Blue Moon on 3/31.

I spoke with a Shaman friend of mine about my huge release and the fact that I got the flu soon after, and she said that in their beliefs, it is normal for a deep release and even sometimes an illness to come after literally meeting a Spirit Animal, and I spent the next 2 weeks fighting the flu and dreaming of wolves…specifically, Freedom.

The Blue Moon came, and I was so excited to see my pack again, and sleep to the sound of howling and do a ritual burning with the owners of the land. There is SO MUCH magic on the property…not just the fact that there is a wolf pack on it, but also a beautiful tree called The Prayer Tree which has a beautiful story rooted in Native American culture, a Fire Pit within a beautiful Medicine Wheel and acres of canyon and mountains all around.

Medicine Wheel where we did a ritual burning on The Blue Moon

The day and night I spent there were so relaxing, healing and adventurous. I met ostriches down the street, played with wolves, hiked with ravens, ate dinner with a local biker gang and together with my new friends, burned away my excuses around advancing within my education, physical transformation and health issues I have been putting off dealing with.

I took the name of my Spirit Animal Wolf, Freedom as a sign that it was time for me to demand Freedom from my own excuses around all of things I needed to do for my own advancement as a human.

The connection with Freedom had grown even within absence, and the moment I saw him, I cried uncontrollable tears, and hugged him as he licked my face.

They have medicine bags, prayer feathers and other native object you can buy there, and I noticed these little wooden boxes that were high up, and the first one I was drawn to reach up for and pick up had Freedom’s face and name on it…and I opened it to see that is was full of some of his fur.

We spent some time around the fire trading stories…I learned some amazing things about the Lakota Tribe, the land in general and the wolves, and shared with my new friends my Bullshit Bonfire and sang some chants to bring in The Blue Moon. I shared with Collette the huge emotional release I had after giving Reiki to Freedom, and receiving his healing, and she said that after I left…he ceased to limp, so the healing was definitely traded between us. I was so happy to hear that.

I went to bed fulfilled and excited for what was to happen next in life after a meditation to the sounds of wolves howling into the night.

I was awoken at dawn by the loudest howling I have heard yet as the wolves howled up the sun, and felt a new palpable energy within me.

I couldn’t wait to get back and get started on all of the things I needed to do to better myself.

I’ve spent the past 6 years working on my business, writing a book and doing a bunch of things to support myself…but never really doing anything for my health and physical transformation.

I have been wanting to make time for physical movement, but something always got in the way.

I have been wanting to go get some health issues looked at, but never made the doctor’s appointment.

I have been thinking about going back to school to become a hypnotherapist for 5 years now, but never thought I had the time while building a business and working full time.

Well…that was before my FREEDOM growled in the face of my excuses.

Since leaving Shadowland on 4/1, I have:

*Walked for 30-60 minutes every single day up and down the steep streets within my mountain neighborhood.

*Made and went to a doctor’s appointment to start tests and treatment for my female issues.

*Checked out the campus and enrolled in a full year of classes to start in May at HMI to become a Certified Hypnotherapist.

With the healing, inspiration and life changes I have experienced among these wolves, I know that I am going to create a retreat for people to receive their healing as well as some healing from me, a Bullshit Bonfire on a sacred land as well as many other gifts I want to share with you.

More information on that retreat to follow once it creates itself through me…and the wolves.

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