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10 Ways to tell your Subconscious Mind is Blocked

Our Subconscious Mind is 88% or more of our brain power, and when we are not used to connecting with it, it can be hard to tell when it is blocked.


When it is blocked, it tends to make our goals, intentions and needs in life seem impossible to achieve as we unconsciously get in our own way of what we truly desire in life.


10 ways to tell you are subconsciously blocked:


1) When you get ready to take action on a goal, you suddenly feel tired and unmotivated to finish.

2) You struggle with Imposter Syndrome and self limiting beliefs.

3) You feel negative emotions when you think about your goal.

4) You begin a project then get distracted and never finish.

5) You get in the way of your own progress.

6) You feel guilty setting boundaries in life so you can move forward towards your goals.

7) You struggle with negative self talk.

8) You fear change, even when it is positive change.

9) You have a reoccurring pattern of failure.

10) You feel guilty, low self esteem and feel stuck.


Here are 5 ways you can get Unblocked:


1) Identify the core limiting belief.

2) Challenge that belief and find out what is more true in your life.

3)Transform the belief into a positive.

4) Practice visualization and affirmations.

5) Plant what you are visualizing deep within your Subconscious through Hypnotherapy to insure you can move forward.


I am here to help you do all of the above and more to get yourself unstuck and out of your own way, so you can have 100% of your brainpower focused on moving forward on your goals to creating the life you have always dreamed of.


You can easily book your Hypnotherapy session HERE to begin your transformation today!

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