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Charlie Brown Rose Bush

Last year when I was having non stop pain, feeling run down and like my body was literally shutting down, I decided to do some planting magic in my garden.

Nature is my closest connection to Spirit, so when I plant...I plant with intention and purpose, and I decided to go rose bush shopping, even though it was not the season for roses at all.

Roses are the highest alchemical flower in Magic, so I decided I was going to get a rosebush to symbolize my health, and as it bloomed, so would I in perfect health and power.

I went to Armstrong's Gardens and searched out the rose section.

Since they were not in season, most of them were just thorny branches and some leaves with pictures attached on the tags of the beauty that was yet to come from them.

I noticed a tiny Charlie Brown Christmas Tree rosebush off to the side, dirty and barely hanging on.

It was forgotten and literally laying on its side on the concrete. One small dry thorny branch without any green leaves on it, but it was hanging was still alive.

THIS was exactly how I felt that day, so THIS was my bush, I decided.

The clerk asked me if I wanted to see the other bushes when I checked out, because that one was ready to be taken out of inventory, and I said that I had a good feeling about it, and I could help it back to life.

She said I could just take it for free and wished me my Charlie Brown Rosebush and I went home together.

I watered her, gave her Reiki and set her on my Altar as I did my New Moon magic with her witnessing.

I set my intentions for healing myself and did research on doctors and symptoms in order to get the right diagnosis and help for the growing pain inside my body all under her watch.

Finally the time came to plant her just as I had my first appointment with my surgeon after my hernia diagnosis, and I planted her securely in the earth with the magical intention that as she roots, grows and will I.

All these months later...she has grown and greened and finally today, I found this amazing Deep Red Rose waiting for me. So intricate is the inside of her a triple face within her face...which reminds me of the triple goddess aspects of Maiden/Mother/Crone.

This stick that was ready to be thrown away at Armstrong Gardens healed with me and grew with me, and is now producing the most beautiful roses I have ever seen.

Much like I am feeling the most vibrant, healthy, energetic and strong that I've felt I think ever in my life.

I honor this rosebush who is no longer the Charlie Brown Rose Bush...but the Triple Goddess Rosebush and together we are vibrant, healthy and showing the most beautiful blooms today.

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