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5 Ways to Honor Your Ancestors

The Ancestor’s Full Moon is Upon Us…

We just had Samhain (Halloween) and Dia De Los Muertos/All Soul’s Day happen for our Ancestors, and now we are staring down the barrel of a Full Moon this Friday…so many opportunities to commune with our friends, family and pets who have crossed the veil and left the realm of the living.

For me, working with and honoring my ancestors is a daily practice, as I truly believe that they are our first live of defense when it comes to prayers and guidance.

The Gods, Goddesses and other Deity are awesome to work with, but they have the whole world to tend to…our Ancestors are within our bones, veins and heartbeats, and have us as a huge priority to protect, guide and provide for.

I have an Ancestors’ Altar set up year round, which I pray to every morning upon waking.

I have been building mine for the past 5 years…if you are just starting out, you can just take a couple pictures of your ancestors, be them family blood, friend blood or fur blood, a candle and maybe some incense and start small.

Talk to them as if they are still around, because I have seen proof in extremely specific prayers being answered within days and my ancestors reaching out to me within found objects at my mother’s house unearthing themselves after decades of being boxed up. We’re talking a family bible from the 1800’s in Czechoslovakian coming out to say hello the year after I started reaching out to the ancestors that I wasn’t old enough to know like my great great grandparents.

I get asked a lot around this time how people can honor their ancestors during Samhain (the time when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest) or anytime, so I decided now is definitely the right time to share this with you.

5 Ways to Honor Your Ancestors

1) Erect a small altar for them using photos, jewelry you may have of theirs, pieces of clothing, favorite books, some flowers they liked or that remind you of them and a white candle. Marigolds are thought to attract souls to altars for the dead and are used a lot in beautiful Dia De Los Muertos Altars of Mexican heritage…but if your grandmother’s favorite flower was roses or lilies…use those. The more personal your altar, the more you will feel them present.

2) Light a small votive near each picture and have a one-on-one conversation with that ancestor asking for help with whatever they specialized in during life. If your grandfather ran an amazing business, ask him for help with money or building your business. If your Aunt and Uncle had a beautiful marriage and loved each other truly until death did them part, ask them for help in your love life. If you had a spiritual teacher who has now passed, ask them for spiritual help behind the veil. My belief is that these spirits especially will help us to grow even more as a spirit guide than they could in their limited human form.

3) Cook a meal that your Ancestors used to cook or that you enjoyed with them, and set a place at the table for them, and serve them a helping. Show them that you are still thinking of them, and have a talk with them. You can even have a picture of them at the place setting. Celebrate them, talk about them and have a toast with them. Give them a bit of the wine or other libation and leave that on their altar for them. Spirits DO love spirits!

4) Play music that reminds you of them. Close your eyes as you listen, and imagine their smiling faces with you. I have 2 songs that remind me of my Grandmother and Grandfather on my mom’s side. My Grammy used to sing You Are My Sunshine and hold me up in the air in the back yard when I was a little girl, and I will never forget that. My Grandpa used to love Roll Out The Barrel and he used to love to dance and clap his hands…I can still see his smiling eyes and hear his belly laugh.

5) Write letters to your Ancestors and bury them. I am a firm believer in writing out intentions in order to get them out of my head, and give them some sort of form in the world. If I am writing out intentions to get out of my life, I either burn them or release them to the ocean. If I am wanting to manifest something, I bury it in a special place like my garden, the Redwoods or anywhere else that is significant to what I am asking for.

These are 5 very simple things you can choose from to honor your dearly departed for this upcoming Ancestor’s Full Moon or anytime!

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I wish you nothing but love in this season of the Ancestors…and I would love to hear back from you some of the ways you honored them, and what amazing messages they sent back to you.

Remember that you may not get your answer in clear sentences from them. They can speak to you through other people giving you advice, song lyrics that are signs for you, words on billboards or on other signs taped to walls, dreams, gut feelings…there are thousands of ways they are speaking to us every day.

Set your intention to hear and notice them, and it shall be.

xoxox ~Kristin

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