Reiki Packages

I pride myself on building deep long lasting healing relationships with my clients.

I have so many who want to come weekly, bi-weekly and monthly, I have created these Healing Packages, so we can go together on a journey of deep healing.

The more intensely deep the wound is that you are carrying around, the more imperative it is that we work regularly with Reiki to finally break you free of the blockages these wounds are causing in your life.

Reiki works best when received on a regular basis. It is not the one hit wonder of healing modalities…the healing goes deeper and deeper as you receive it more regularly.

Heart Chakra Opening Reiki at The Healing Woods

Just like when doctors prescribe a medicine to their patients, there is always a course of the pills to take, you never take just one.

The same is true for Reiki, except the side effects of Reiki are so much more enjoyable than prescription medications!

You will be feeling lighter, more empowered, peaceful and have a much easier time getting to sleep.

The following are the packages I offer for those who take their healing seriously, and make self care a priority in their life.

A one hour Reiki session with me is $175 outside of a package. When you purchase a package with me, you can save up to $75 on your session price!

First Time Package Buyer Bonus!

The first time you book a package with me, you will receive a beautiful set of Chakra Stones that I will infuse with Reiki onto your chakras with specific to you healing intentions during your first session with me!

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Healing Maintenance Package

1x/Month for 3 Months – $400 ($133 per session)   buynow-green-24

1x/Month for 6 Months – $700 ($116 per session)    buynow-green-24

1x/Month for 12 Months – $1,250  ($104 per session)   buynow-green-24

Within this package, we will be able to work together once a month to combat any illness, stress or depression you may be feeling due to your deep inner wounds that we all have as humans on this earth.

We will meet to see how you are doing with the ever changing energies around you, and work on whatever is holding you back from the peace, power and love that is yours to receive.

Balance Your Spirit Package

2x/Month for 3 Months – $800 ($133 per session)      buynow-green-24

2x/Month for 6 Months – $1,400 ($116 per session)     buynow-green-24

2x/Month for 12 Months – $2,500 ($104 per session)   buynow-green-24

Within this package, we will be able to balance you out much more strongly than with the Maintenance Package. We can even start to dig more deeply into the subconscious wounds and scars that are holding you back from achieving all that you were meant to this lifetime.

Life is ever changing, and by working together every other week, we are more able to keep you on the up swing even when things around you fall apart, as they tend to do especially during transitions in life.

People who receive Reiki from me every other week feel empowered, focused, peaceful and ready to create magic within their lives!

Healing The Root Cause Package

1x/Week for 3 Months – $1,600 ($133 per session)    buynow-green-24

1x/Week for 6 Months – $3,200 ($116 per session)   buynow-green-24

1x/Week for 12 Months – $5,000 ($96 per Session)   buynow-green-24

Within this life changing package, we will meet weekly and really get to the root of what is ailing you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We will go together on a journey of clearing out any old self limiting beliefs and thoughts of yourself, love, abundance and spirituality, and replace them with soul expanding wisdom of love, power and owning your magic within life.

People who receive Reiki weekly from me have experienced “medical miracles” such as not needing surgeries their doctors have told them they did, many women have become pregnant after being told by doctors they could not and people who were once contemplating Suicide are now thriving within life and most have even moved on to become healers themselves.

I offer payment plans for all of the packages above…just give me a call and we can talk about your specific blockages, and come up with a healing plan that is perfect for you.

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Your healing awaits...
Your healing awaits…