I don’t know where I would be in life if Reiki hadn’t have found me almost 20 years ago.

I was depressed, angry, in pain physically and emotionally and had all but lost my connection to The Divine.

Reiki came into my life, and healed me on all levels…the bright light that I am within this world is rooted within the deep darkness I had to climb out of in order to appreciate where I am now.

It is my passion to help you find that same light within you.

Heart Chakra Opening Reiki at The Healing Woods
Heart Chakra Opening Reiki at The Healing Woods

People who will benefit from Reiki are:

Anyone who works in close proximity with people and takes on their energy

Anyone looking for a closer connection to the Divine

People battling Depression and Anxiety

People in physical pain

People battling Cancer

People battling addictions

Women wanting to clear their womb to welcome in pregnancy

People in grief


People in Hospice Care

People needing a reset button in life pushed

Reiki helps to heal physical pain as well as mental and emotional pain.

Reiki clears the energy that flows within all of us, and is based on the idea that Universal Life Force flows through us and it is what causes us to be alive. If our Universal Life Force is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Crystal and Oils used within my Reiki Sessions at The Healing Woods
Crystal and Oils used within my Reiki Sessions at The Healing Woods

I have a deep love of crystals, stones and oils and love to add them into the Reiki sessions I provide. Each crystal has a healing quality to them, and I will load you up with a crystal on each Chakra to help the flow of energy within and around you!

Having clear bridges between the different Chakras will insure that your life force energy is flowing freely which is very helpful in creating body/mind/spirit wellness within.

You are guaranteed to feel lighter and brighter after a session with Reiki. Universal Light Energy has a way of giving you immense clarity, strength and peace where once you felt doubt, fear and stress.

I specialize in the following different types of Reiki Sessions:

Oncology Reiki Certified

Fertility Reiki

Prenatal Reiki and Massage

Postpartum Bonding Reiki

Hospice Reiki

Animal Reiki

Child Reiki

Emotional and Energetic Cord Cuttings

Your healing awaits...
Your healing awaits…

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E-mail Me: abhayada13@nullyahoo.com

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For House Calls: $25 travel/set up fee for Pasadena Area and $50 in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Travel to further out areas negotiable.

Reiki Testimonials:

“My complete experience at The Healing Woods was absolutely amazing!  From the moment I walked in, the peaceful energy surrounded me like a familiar, warm blanket, and allowed me to calm and quiet my spirit – this being at a time in my life when just about everything I was dealing with was going awry – was no small feat!

Kristin/Abhayada has the ability to comfort and heal with voice, energy,hands and spirit.  I felt extremely safe and able to open up to what I can honestly say is the best energy healing experience I have ever had.  The Reiki energy was very noticable, stayed with me for days and enabled me to take an all important first step up and away from a dark, stagnant and uncomfortable place in my life. I am currently booking (and looking very forward to) my next batch of appointments as Kristin/Abhayada’s schedule fills  fast, for very good reason – She is magical and incredibly gifted!”

Audryna Mircalla/Healer – Apple Valley, CA

“I have had hundreds if not thousands of healing sessions from some of the most credible and powerful Healers all over the world. Kristin/Abhayada’s Reiki sessions are #1 in my opinion. The energy coming through her is potent and very high in spiritual vibration. By far one of the most magickal, cleansing, cathartic, healing experiences I have ever had. The environment was comforting, relaxing and serene. You can sense that she stays connected to Divine for the greater good of her clients and the world. She also offers Reiki attunements (I received Reiki 1 and loved it so much i’m going for Reiki 2 this month), phenomenal massage and Tarot readings. Excellent, excellent, excellent! I highly recommend it!”

Micheal Cardenas/Energy Worker – San Diego, CA

“Really happy to add my personal endorsement to the many other great 5 star reviews for the Healing Woods and for Kristin/Abhayada in particular.
She has been so warm, grounding, connecting and sure in her work.
I go to her to release, release, release and connect, connect, connect.
As a super verbal person Reiki has been so helpful and powerful because it works body/energy in to out rather than mind/intellect out to in.
I recommend for anyone that is looking to de-stress, relax and process through.”

Melanie Williams/Spiritual Teacher – Los Angeles, CA

“I called on Kristin/Abhayanda to help with my mom.  My mom is in a nursing home – she is 90.   She is very agitated and fretful and I knew Reiki would help her to calm down and be more peaceful.   Kristin/Abhayanda was so wonderful with her and my mom was actually open to knowing more about her.   The session was great and I could feel the peace settling in with my mom.  She was calmer and less agitated and I know how helpful the session was.   I could also feel the peaceful energy within myself and know the power of healing.  Thank you….I will call on Kristin/Abhayanda again for her services!  It was a blessing!”

Lori Ulloa –  LaVerne, CA