Reiki and Business Coaching for Healers

Are you a Reiki Master/Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner, Tarot Reader or other heart based business owner, and you are struggling to make your passion be what you do in this life to sustain yourself?

Create a Heart Centered Consciously Abundant Healing Practice!
Create a Heart Centered Consciously Abundant Healing Practice!

I will help you build your business from the ground up as that is exactly what I did to make Reiki be all that I do in this life! It wasn’t always that way for me…I used to have to buy and sell commercial airtime for Television as an Ad Exec. to make ends meet on the side of doing what I loved.

I haven’t even owned a TV for a decade, so obviously that high paying corporate job with the hour and a half both ways commute to the West Side was not in alignment with my soul’s purpose…at all. I was reminded about that fact everyday for the 15 years through stress, tears, knots in my Solar Plexus and within my dread of Mondays.

I did however learn how to build a business, market myself, make budgets, find “new business”, multi-task, create systems and follow up with clients in that world.

It was an intense business bootcamp and I used the wisdom gained there in my blood, sweat and tears to build my heart centered business, and for that I am appreciative.

Most Reiki classes, and any spiritual or healing modality training do not teach you how to run and build a successful business, and that is what most heart centered spiritual people lack the knowledge of and need training in the most.

They give you your certificate and wish you luck and abundance from your Spirit Guides.

I have received many certificates on my educational journey within healing...none of them came with business building advice.
I have received many certificates on my educational journey within healing…none of them came with business building advice.

Spirit Guides are very important in life…but they will not build your business for you!

Building a business on your own can be scary if you look at it as a way to sell yourself. You are not selling yourself in a healing business…you are serving, and with this new Conscious Business paradigm that is growing…more people are realizing that.

Starting a healing conscious business does not have to be scary…with the right support behind you.


That is where I come in to inspire you, support you, heal blockages you may be having using Reiki
and inviting you to use tools that will have you feeling powerful, confident, clear and excited about building your heart centered consciously abundant business!

For 15 years I worked full time as a Regional Sales Manager flying up the Corporate Ladder, while also building my holistic heart centered business.  There came a tipping point where The Healing Woods was growing at such a rate that I was needing to close my office door in my own personal Corporate Hell, in order to take Reiki and Tarot client calls.

It was at that moment, that The Universe took my corporate job away due to “budget cuts” and I decided that I was taking the leap of faith by not “looking for a job” and instead creating my work in life.

My focus with The Healing Woods Coaching is to empower fellow Light Workers, Energy Workers, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Readers, etc to be able to do the work they were put on this earth to do without having to try to fit it in between day jobs, all while enjoying abundance, fulfillment and strength within their work.

We as healers, all have a lot of work to do out in this world. We need armies of healers out there to combat the armies of destruction that have been in place all over the world.

My passion is to help guide you on the steps I took to make my heart centered business be ALL that I do in life, so you can have that freedom as well. I am the perfect mixture of successful business woman and spiritual sage.

I understand the plight of an empath trying to gingerly make her way in the world, while also having the confidence of a woman who has closed million dollar deals within the advertising industry.

I am both of these women, and in the 5 years of successfully growing and running my Heart Based Conscious business Full Time, I have found a beautiful balance between both parts of me. Allow me to introduce you to the savvy business person hiding within you!

As a small child I wanted to heal the world.

I used to play outside with fairies, crystals, rocks and feed the bugs and animals I found that were hungry. Today…I do that with people…feeding them the knowledge and empowering them with the healing abilities of Reiki within attunements and training.

Crystal and Oils used within my Reiki Sessions at The Healing Woods
Crystal and Oils used within my Reiki Sessions at The Healing Woods

As an adult…I now see that I cannot heal the world alone. I need all of you out there with me building strong healing businesses and being able to put all your focus on this huge task of changing the world’s energetic field one person at a time.

My coaching style is very nurturing, yet I can be strong when needed to help you break free from your barriers of fear, self doubt and past pain hindering your present success.

We will go on a very private journey, where you will be getting one on one coaching from me based on exactly what YOU as an individual needs instead of a group setting where some people may not feel brave enough to dive deep.

Here are the journeys I have to offer you: 


The First Step

One Month Journey  $897              $1,600 Value
buynow-green-243  Skype Hour Long Sessions         $600 Value

 Package Creation                             $1,000 Value


Gaining Momentum

3 Month Journey  $1,997        $3,370 Value


  5 Skype hour long sessions                                                                 $1,600 Value

 1 Business Clarity/Blockage Release session using Reiki               $250 Value

Baptism By Flame Book                                                                          $20 Value

   Offer and Package Creation                                                                  $1,500 Value

Payment plans available!

Full Speed Ahead!

6 Month Journey $3,997         $8,820 Value


15 Skype hour long sessions                                                                   $3,000 Value

1 Business Clarity/Blockage Release Sessions using Reiki              $200 Value

Spot in one event I coordinate to showcase your healing work.        $100 Value 

  Page by Page Website Copy Writing Help                                                $4,000 Value

Offer and Package Creation                                                                         $1,500 Value

Baptism By Flame Book                                                                               $20 Value

Payment plans available!

Arriving in Abundance!

Full Year Journey $8,997        $17,520 Value


 23 Skype hour long sessions                                                                       $4,600 Value

2 Business Clarity/Blockage Release Sessions using Reiki                   $400 Value

                 Baptism By Flame Book                                                                                $20 Value                      

Spot in 2 events I coordinate to showcase your healing work.            $200 Value

2 Day Spiritual Coaching and Healing Retreat in Joshua Tree.           $3,500 Value

Your own personal Branding Book                                                           $3,500 Value

Professional Headshot for Web and Marketing                                      $300 Value    

Page by Page Website Copy Writing Help                                                $4,000 Value

Offer and Package Creation                                                                         $1,000 Value

Payment plans available!

Have questions about any of this?

Please feel free to call me or email directly, and we can set up a free 30 minute phone call where you can ask anything and everything about being coached by me, the many levels of help I can provide and we can dig more deeply into what it is you are looking for in your business, and the type of help you are open to receiving.

E-mail Me:

Call Me: 818-326-1268

What it is like to be Coached by Me:

“Kristin is one in a million! Her coaching is superb, meeting my specific needs. She’s always supportive and up lifting. She knows her stuff! I’ve received multiple coaching sessions, tarot readings and virtual Reiki — all were fabulous. I’ve signed up for a coaching package and will soon be attuned for Holy Fire Reiki Master with her. I recommend her highly. She’s the best.”

Zanna Majerie/Reiki Master – Fortuna, CA

“Kristin is a beautiful magical being full of love and compassion to help others.

I’ve had the privilege to have her as a business coach. She is definitely not your typical business coach!  I was looking for a coach who was not corporate-minded and I’m so grateful that I found the right person.  Within the one month that we worked together, she helped me discover my why, create a business plan, and helped me recognize my fears. Her direct and firm, but nurturing style helped me become more disciplined and helped me prioritize my tasks.

What I love about her is her ability to hold such a beautiful and loving space. Although we met to discuss business, I felt like I was in a healing session, where I can be vulnerable enough to discuss my self-limiting beliefs.  She was very professional and stayed focus on helping me create a business plan while being mindful of the inner transformation that was occurring.  I also believe that she has manifesting powers, the amount of people that I have served have more than doubled since I’ve seen her.
If you are starting a business, especially a conscious business, give Kristen a call!  I highly recommend her!”

Lovelyn Ilas Thiha/Integrated Healing Practitioner – Los Angeles, Ca

“Last night I had my first coaching appointment with Kristin, and it was a night I’ll never forget.

Now, you might be thinking, “Really? An unforgettable night from a coaching meeting?” Let me explain why: Deciding to work with a Life/Business coach can be a very scary thing. Not only does it force you to take that first step and actually commit to “doing it,” but it also brings to attention all the difficulty, fear, and hard work.

Unless you’re working with Kristin. Then all that difficulty, hard work, and fear transforms into obstacles, discipline, and manifestation….and that’s just the beginning!

What’s so unique about Kristin?  She cares. And when I say ‘care’ I don’t just mean in the  “I care about you because you’re my client way.” Kristin takes a deep and genuine interest in who you are and what your story is, and that is what makes her so special. There is no one-size-fits-all mindset; on the contrary, Kirstin believes that each person is complex and extraordinary. Our stories are what inspire and create our businesses, because our experiences mold who we are. Along with making her client the center of attention, Kristin has an incredible ability to care about every word you say, yet smoothly guide the conversation so that it is focused, specific, and productive. I am fully aware that I am as open and talkative as they come, and not once did I feel bruised or embarrassed for breaking myself open.  As soon as I started to fly apart, she grounded me. She is loving in the most tender way, while at the same time  firm and concise, which is a rare (and admirable) combination. I love the fact that our session hardly felt like a business meeting. Instead of meeting my “coach,”  I felt like I was being introduced to my soul mate, mentor, and soon-to-be good friend. And this is just from the first session!

Honestly, I cannot recommend Kristin enough. This multi-talented woman is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I am still buzzing with gratitude.  If you are on the fence about meeting her in ANY way, go ahead and take that leap of faith.

Trust me. You’ll fly.”

Marti Maley/Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner – Glendale, CA

“I was familiar with Reiki and wanted to find a Reiki master that I felt comfortable learning from. When I met Kristin, she did more than make me comfortable. She provided me with warm genuine hospitality.

As a minister in the Christian church, I wanted a teacher who respected me and my faith tradition. Kristin is open and demonstrates genuine care and appreciation of me and my faith.

As she began reiki on me, I was amazed at the sensation of heat that I felt and the array of deep colors I saw within my mind. Her intuitive ability to sense the locations of my pain was amazing.

Now, about six weeks later, I have been attuned by Kristin as a Reiki Practitioner and I am in awe of the powerful healing energy that flows within and through me. I am also amazed at the gentle and personal teaching and coaching I receive.”

Keith Clark/Reiki Master – Altadena, CA