Blue Moon Magic


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to clear any energetic or emotional ties that are blocking you from the success, love or health you deserve.

Take a 4-week Blue Moon journey of self-healing and ignite your soul so you can unlock your hidden magical powers and beauty.


This program is almost half way filled up! I will be keeping this group intimate at ten people, and four have already signed up. Six spots left to make 2018 your most magical and healing year yet!

Blue Moons happen when we have 2 Full Moons within one month, and they only come once in a great while. The last Blue Moon we had was in May of 2016!

2018 is being started off with a bang with a Blue Moon on 1/31/18, and the last time we had a New Year Blue Moon was in 2008, when New Year’s Eve was a Blue Moon.

That year, I decided that I would live each month of the year doing something I had never done before or would only do “once in a blue moon” and I called it My Blue Year.

That year began my work as a certified massage therapist, took me on MANY beautiful adventures to places I had never experienced before, brought in new love and I made many strides within health and spirituality.

This is going to only be offered to at the most 10 people, since the work we are going to be doing will go extremely once the links are open to sign up, get in quick...these 10 spaces will go quickly!

This will be a virtual offering, so the magic will meet you anywhere in the world you live. You will receive personal one-on-one readings as well as the beauty of meeting with the tribe once a week to talk about your wins and receive any coaching you need along the way...and all from the comfort of your own home!

Watch the replay of our free call ~ Navigating the Subconscious + Astrological Insights


In the four weeks we have together 1/31/18-2/28/18, we will go on a soul deep healing journey together which will begin with past life/ancestral healing and end with future planning for your most magical year yet!

During the four week journey as a Blue Moon Manifestor, you will feel heard, nurtured, inspired and relieved of blockages.

After the four week journey, you will have tools in place to continue the magic for yourself and will be enjoying your manifestations flooding in with grace and ease after getting the past life and subconscious blockages out of your way.

Week One:

*Healing Ancestral Wounds and Past Life Wounds with Akashic Records
*Group Bullshit Bonfire to cut ties from any fears and doubts from 2017
*Learning about Blue Moon Magic

Week Two:

*Healing Subconscious Self Limiting Beliefs from this lifetime and Cord Cutting with Reiki
*Learning about Waxing and Waning Moon Magic

Week Three:

*Getting guidance on the future and answers to any questions keeping you up at night with Tarot.
*Learning about Dark Moon and New Moon Magic

Week Four:

*Setting you on the right path with coaching so you have a clear path to create the beauty, health, abundance and magic in your life that you deserve!
*Learning about Full Moon magic
*Receiving your personalized guided meditation

Each week the Blue Moon Manifestors tribe will meet for 30 minutes for laser coaching, to talk through any blockages you feel you may have and also you will learn how to utilize each phase of the moon to bring even more power to your manifesting using the lunar energy that is up in the Universe for you to harness!


Bonuses you will also receive:

  1. My book Baptism By Flame, which is not only a memoir about my dying and coming back to life after receiving 3rd degree burns over 30% of my body...but it is also has an online workbook with exercises for you to do to ignite your light within and many other bonuses like guided meditations and songs.
  2. Your full Astrological chart done by my friend and amazing Astrologer Irma Kaye Sawyer, and also a 30 minute private session with her to go over your chart with you to help you with your intentions for 2018!
  3. Training on how to harness the ever powerful Lunar Energy and receiving a good understanding of the different phases of the moon and what to focus on for each phase for the most lunar bang for your buck!
  4. A personalized guided meditation for any subject you feel you want to work on at the end of our time together. It can be a love manifesting meditation, or money magnet, inner strength and confidence...whatever you need, you shall receive to listen to again and again to keep the magic flowing after our time together!

A group Bullshit Bonfire as a tribe, where we together will burn any and all losses, fears, blockages and pain from 2017 in order to make room for all of the love, health, abundance and magic you deserve in 2018!

Here is some info on each modality you will receive:

Akashic Records Reading/Healing


Sometimes, no matter how much we focus on bringing money into our lives, or our best love partnership or even just plain old health and wellness...we just can’t seem to make it happen.

This is where going deep into our past lives comes in to make sure that something your soul experienced thousands of years ago is not the blockage that you are experiencing to the beautiful life you deserve today.

We will ask questions of The Akashic Realm based on your main focus for 2018, to make sure your Soul Contract is up to date for the beauty you desire this lifetime, and we will cut any cords to pain or fear from past lives around what you want today.


What to expect from an Akashic Reading from me:

“I have been seeing Kristin at The Healing Woods for about two years for Reiki sessions, which are is the most relaxing hour out of my day. I finally decided to make an Akashic Records Reading appointment.  I had heard of these before but didn’t know what to expect.

We focused on what my lesson with my husband was/is. It was amazing. Her guides told her we had been together in many lives, which we both have felt, and that are roles were flopped. I was his caregiver in previous life and he is mine now. This was just the beginning. I went home with so much to think about and process as well as homework for this new year!

I recommend anyone who is on a spiritual journey to get in touch with Kristin for an Akashic reading. She is so in touch with her guides and open to what they want her to share, she is a true gift to work with.” ~Jayda Leigh Abell – Pasadena, CA

Reiki Cord Cutting to Subconscious Blockages


The next layer of healing we will focus on once we clear ancestral patterns and past life blockages will be to work on what has happened to you in this lifetime...starting with childhood.

Our subconscious mind is 90% of our brain, and it is formed between the ages of anything you learned about love, divorce, marriage, how hard money is to make, health issues, etc is lurking within that 90% of your brain.

We all consciously want the good things for ourselves in life...the best partner, abundant job, to be healthy and feel at peace...but with only 10% of our conscious brain working on these...the 90% of the subconscious can easily get in our way.

Using the deep healing energy of Reiki, we will clear out any self limiting beliefs you have around whatever it is that you are focusing on for 2018, so you can flow within grace and ease towards all of the magic, peace, love and prosperity you desire and deserve.

Blockages be gone!


What to expect from a Reiki Session from me:

“My complete experience at The Healing Woods was absolutely amazing!  From the moment our Reiki Session began, the peaceful energy surrounded me like a familiar, warm blanket, and allowed me to calm and quiet my spirit – this being at a time in my life when just about everything I was dealing with was going awry – was no small feat!

Kristin  has the ability to comfort and heal with voice, energy, hands and spirit.  I felt extremely safe and able to open up to what I can honestly say is the best energy healing experience I have ever had.  The Reiki energy was very noticeable, stayed with me for days and enabled me to take an all important first step up and away from a dark, stagnant and uncomfortable place in my life. I am currently booking (and looking very forward to) my next batch of appointments as Kristin’s schedule fills  fast, for very good reason – She is magical and incredibly gifted!”

Audryna Mircalla– Apple Valley, CA

Tarot Reading for Your Future Magical Self


On our third week together, you will be ready to look towards the future, and what better way to get you forward thinking than a private tarot reading?

You may want multiple things to flow to you in 2018, and that is fine, we can look into as many things as you would like in our 30 minutes together.

I see tarot as a beautiful sign post of The Universe. If I have an idea of what I want to do or where I want to go in life, and that same exact thing shows up in a reading I receive from someone outside of my head...I know that the coast is clear and the time for me to act is here!

I look forward to answering any questions that may be keeping you up and night, and bringing some well deserved peace to your mind.

What to expect from a tarot reading from me:

“Every single time I have had Kristin do my tarot I have been blown away by her insight and accuracy of what is to come. I have been to MANY “intuits” and of various mediums such as tarot, palm, natal charts and shells but Kristin/Abhayada’s tarot readings blow them all away. She cares about her clients and their spiritual growth. I do not have anyone else do my tarot but her now. Thank you Kristin for your guidance and care!”

Natalie Vartanian –  Boise, ID

“Kristin is AWESOME!! I have seen many tarot readers in the past, and I must say again, “KRISTIN IS AWESOME!!” She is insightful, present, precise and sooo loving! Even when I am working through something tough, she finds a way to gently present information that feels empowering and uplifting. I HIGHLY recommend her for readings!!!”

Amy Jones – Long Beach, CA

Coaching on Next Steps to Your Most Magical Year Yet!


I am a Spiritual Coach as well as a Business Coach, so I can help you on both sides of the spectrum of life.

Want to bring more money into your life or build that soul centered business that brings you joy as you help change the world? Great...I have you covered...let’s set down a clear path for you to navigate towards success!

Want to help create a spiritual practice for yourself to continue the peace and nurture your soul all year? Awesome...I can help you create the best fit for your spirit.

The thing about coaching is it helps you to create strong foundational roots to anything you want to build in life. Yourself, relationships, money, health...all of it takes a foundation, and I would be happy to help set you on a course for success on whatever you are focusing on for 2018.

After our coaching session on our fourth week together, you will have the strong roots in which to grow straight up into the sky like a mighty Redwood in all of your power!


What is it like to be coached by me:

“Kristin is a beautiful magical being full of love and compassion to help others.

I’ve had the privilege to have her as a business coach. She is definitely not your typical business coach!  I was looking for a coach who was not corporate-minded and I’m so grateful that I found the right person.  Within the one month that we worked together, she helped me discover my why, create a business plan, and helped me recognize my fears. Her direct and firm, but nurturing style helped me become more disciplined and helped me prioritize my tasks.

What I love about her is her ability to hold such a beautiful and loving space. Although we met to discuss business, I felt like I was in a healing session, where I can be vulnerable enough to discuss my self-limiting beliefs.  She was very professional and stayed focus on helping me create a business plan while being mindful of the inner transformation that was occurring.  I also believe that she has manifesting powers, the amount of people that I have served have more than doubled since I’ve seen her.

If you are starting a business, especially a conscious business, give Kristin a call!  I highly recommend her!”

Lovelyn Ilas Thiha – Los Angeles, Ca”

“Last night I had my first coaching appointment with Kristin, and it was a night I’ll never forget.

Now, you might be thinking, “Really? An unforgettable night from a coaching meeting?” Let me explain why: Deciding to work with a Life/Business coach can be a very scary thing. Not only does it force you to take that first step and actually commit to “doing it,” but it also brings to attention all the difficulty, fear, and hard work.

Unless you’re working with Kristin. Then all that difficulty, hard work, and fear transforms into obstacles, discipline, and manifestation….and that’s just the beginning!

What’s so unique about Kristin?  She cares. And when I say ‘care’ I don’t just mean in the  “I care about you because you’re my client way.” Kristin takes a deep and genuine interest in who you are and what your story is, and that is what makes her so special. There is no one-size-fits-all mindset; on the contrary, Kirstin believes that each person is complex and extraordinary. Our stories are what inspire and create our businesses, because our experiences mold who we are. Along with making her client the center of attention, Kristin has an incredible ability to care about every word you say, yet smoothly guide the conversation so that it is focused, specific, and productive. I am fully aware that I am as open and talkative as they come, and not once did I feel bruised or embarrassed for breaking myself open.  As soon as I started to fly apart, she grounded me. She is loving in the most tender way, while at the same time  firm and concise, which is a rare (and admirable) combination. I love the fact that our session hardly felt like a business meeting. Instead of meeting my “coach,”  I felt like I was being introduced to my soul mate, mentor, and soon-to-be good friend. And this is just from the first session!

Honestly, I cannot recommend Kristin enough. This multi-talented woman is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I am still buzzing with gratitude.  If you are on the fence about meeting her in ANY way, go ahead and take that leap of faith.

Trust me. You’ll fly.”

Marti Maley – Glendale, CA

Astrology by Irma Kaye Sawyer

During our month of magic together, you will book a 30 minute private reading with Irma Kaye, and receive your full natal chart to help you know yourself much better.

Your Natal (birth) chart is a blueprint of your overall energy signature and can also provide insight into your personal strengths, gifts and challenges. The houses of the chart provide the arena in which the energies will express themselves.

Irma Kaye is aware of what will be the most predominant astrological influences in 2018 and will use your chart in reference to them as an accurate navigational tool.


Personalized Guided Meditation


I have been leading large groups and private clients on meditations for over a decade.

Together, we will come up with what your one main goal for 2018 is, and I will create for you a beautiful meditation to listen to as many times as you would like after our time together is over.

What better way to prolong your healing and add to your spiritual you time?

The magical value you will receive at a glance:

Private 30 minute Tarot Session

Private 30 minute Akashic Past Life Reading/Healing

Private 30 minute Subconscious Clearing Reiki Session

Private 30 minute Coaching Session for Next Steps

Private 30 minute Consultation and Astrology Chart

Your Own Copy of Baptism By Flame

Bullshit Bonfire Cord Cutting to 2017

4 Weekly 30 Minute virtual meetings with the Tribe

Personalized Meditation made just for you to replay whenever you need

Training on the most powerful way to work with the Phases of the Moon

$100 Value

$100 Value

$100 Value

$100 Value

$100 Value

$20 Value

$100 Value

$200 Value

$80 Value

$100 Value

$1,000 Value!

Receive $1,000 of Value, for only $555!

This program is almost half way filled up! I will be keeping this group intimate at ten people, and four have already signed up. Six spots left to make 2018 your most magical and healing year yet!

Full Moon Magic $555

Your Magical Facilitators:

Kristin Dwan/Reiki Master-Teacher and Business Coach for Healers and Mystics


Kristin Dwan empowers people to harness the energy of the Universe to change their world and selves from the inside out as a Reiki Master Coach, Tarot Reader and Akashic Records Reader at The Healing Woods.

She is the author of “Baptism By Flame” which is a memoir about her near death experience in a burn ward while healing from 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body, and also a guide book for people to help themselves through the darkest of times that they are up against.

Kristin has well over a quarter century of experience in coaching people as a Professional Tarot Reader and Reiki Master of Usui’s Holy Fire Reiki and The Usui System of Natural Healing and has a true passion for helping people ignite their light within.

She is passionate about helping other healers build a consciously abundant business that will not only provide them the stability and abundance needed to pay their bills…but it will also provide them the deep satisfaction of using their heart within their work of spreading love and healing to a very wounded world.

Kristin hosts Bullshit Bonfires all up and down the coast of California and Pacific Northwest, where she holds sacred space for people to gather under the changing phases of the Moon to release themselves from the shackles that time has strengthened using a mixture of Reiki, Tarot and a Bonfire.

Irma Kaye Sawyer/Astrologist Extraordinaire:


Irma Kaye Sawyer is an author, astrologer, energy worker, teacher and intuitive counselor from Southern CA. She has been in professional practice since 1992. Irma Kaye is the astrologer and energy reader of the popular “Cosmic Weather” page at Facebook and the featured astrologer at Crystal Connections Magazine.

How astrology can assist you and your unique journey: Using the blueprint of your natal (birth) chart, learn what energies are at the forefront of your energetic signature and how you can best utilize them for your healing, growth and success.

Why Did I Create This Program?

I have a deep passion for helping people clear the wreckage of their past in order to build the beauty in life they desire and deserve.

I feel so strongly about Reiki, Akashic Readings, Tarot, Astrology and Coaching because they are all modalities that I swear have saved my life...especially Reiki.

I decided that it is time I offer a program like this that starts at the root of most of our problems (past life and ancestral blockages) and goes all the way through to future planning with Tarot and Coaching to give you an all around deep dive into creating your most magical year yet.

I believe anyone can make magic of their lives given the right tools, and these 5 tools have worked magic in my life, and I can’t wait to see what magic you create in your life after investing in yourself within this program!

YOU are magic. I just want to help you access the magic already within you.