Akashic Readings

Akashic Readings at The Healing Woods


Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life?

Have you ever wondered why you struggle in one area of life like love or finances?

Would you like to learn more about how your Soul’s Hidden Wisdom can guide you through any blockages?

I am a big believer in providing for my clients healing modalities which have completely transformed my life in order to help spread the healing everywhere, and my first Akashic Reading really cleared me of some blockages that were causing me severe physical pain.

My whole life I have never wanted kids, in fact as a 20 year old, one of my biggest fears was getting pregnant…I feared it more than death itself.

I had also been plagued with severe pain with particularly intense periods.

Upon receiving my first Akashic Reading, I learned that in a past life I died giving birth, and my soul was holding onto that fear of giving birth, since I had a soul contract that stated birth is hard and has literally killed me before.

Before ever having this reading, I felt a deep calling to become a Birth Doula, even though having babies was last on my list this lifetime. I felt passionate about being there for mothers as they gave birth to support them and protect their rights.

I spent 6 years as The Reiki Doula, and it totally made sense why I would want to protect mothers birthing babies after this soul experienced dying during child birth.

Another added bonus to life that happened after learning this soul wisdom is the pain I was riddled with during my periods all but vanished.

It was almost as though once I learned of this past life and soul wisdom, my body was able to release the pain and blockages I had in my womb and finally be at peace within my body.

Akashic Readings have done the following for my clients:

Explaining and clearing phobias

Clearing blockages and fear around love

Boosting self confidence

Help within all types of relationships 

Gaining wisdom on your life purpose

Breaking through patterns around love, money or health

 An Akashic Reading is the bridge between the many questions within your mind and the wisdom of your Soul.

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60 Minute Akashic Session


90 Minute Akashic Session

2 Hour Akashic Reiki Deep Dive


I have created a marriage of Akashic Energy and Reiki Energy to allow the healing and clearing of past life blockages to go even more deeply for you in your present life.

Imagine not only being able to find out why it is that you have the blockages and fears you have presently, but to also receive a full hour of Reiki to bring in the future intentions that you desire.

The Akashic Energy clears the past while the Reiki Energy fills your present and future with peace, healing and all of the beautiful things you desire and deserve in life.

When you book an Akashic Reiki Combo, you receive a full hour of Akashic Records work followed immediately by a full hour of Reiki healing work.

When you book this 2 hour session at $300, you will save $75 off of the regular hourly price of $175.

Book your Akashic Reiki Combo today, and empower yourself with clearing your past in order to bring on the brightest future possible for yourself!

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What is it like to receive an Akashic Reading from me?

“I have been seeing Kristin at The Healing Woods for about two years for Reiki sessions, which are is the most relaxing hour out of my day. I finally decided to make a tarot reading appointment and to my surprise Kristin was giving an Akashic reading with my appointment! I had heard of these before but didn’t know what to expect.

We focused on what my lesson with my husband was/is. It was amazing. Her guides told her we had been together in many lives, which we both have felt, and that are roles were flopped. I was his caregiver in previous life and he is mine now. This was just the beginning. I went home with so much to think about and process as well as homework for this new year!

I recommend anyone who is on a spiritual journey to get in touch with Kristin for an Akashic reading. She is so in touch with her guides and open to what they want her to share, she is a true gift to work with.” ~Jayda Leigh Abell – Pasadena, CA

“Kristin recently did an Akashic reading for me, and it was amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the answers were all quite illuminating about some things that happened in the past, and how those might be impacting my current challenges. And I loved the “actions” I was sent in regard to what I can DO to make things better! Kristin is very talented, and you can’t go wrong in her able, healing hands!” ~Debbie Howard – Tokyo, Japan