It is said that when someone is called to the healing path…the roads they take to get there are some of the hardest to get through alive.

Kristin Abhayada Dwan, Reiki Master Coach
Kristin Abhayada Dwan, Reiki Master Coach

My path to get to where I am today had me literally jumping through a wall of flames in order to escape my house burning down. My guts have been cut wide open for major surgery.  I have been cut out of a car wreck using the Jaws of Life, diagnosed with and healed from an “incurable disease” and I have found myself wanting to give up on life deep down within the dark well of depression.

I know what it feels like to want to give up and float away in the pain within the Dark Night of the Soul…however I also know what it feels like to fight for my life, grow to love who I am, clear my energy and take charge of my life, health and well-being.

The road to peace and wellness is a long twisty turning one, and it can be a scary one, without the right guide. With my blood and tear stained map from 28 years of seeking peace within myself…I would be honored to help you find the light within you, because even at the darkest of times…it is there shining brightly, hoping you find it and use it.

You have but to make the decision to heal, thus the healing begins.

In August of 1998, I was laying in the hospital bed of The Grossman Burn Clinic healing from 3rd degree burns over 30% of my body when Reiki first came to the rescue for me.

This was the house that I accidentally burned down in 1998 with an unattended candle that burned as I slept. The room to the left was where I was asleep as the fire took over the house.

I had multiple skin graft operations, the first of which I reacted to whatever they put me under with, and my heart actually stopped and had to be resuscitated.  This near death experience really woke up in me an urgency to make my precious life count…and I couldn’t wait to get out of the Burn Ward and start my new life. I see that day as my Rebirthday.

My hands, arms, entire feet and legs were raw with burns, and the good skin that was taken off was from both thighs called donor sites were a whole other type of pain as well.

Between the burns and donor sites, I was in 24/7 pain…it felt like hot irons were on 30% of my body, and even the liquid morphine drip I was on seemed to do nothing to cut through the constant pain. Skin graft after skin graft happened, and still they were not taking.

This was my left thigh…the rectangular redness is where they took the skin from to put on my burns on my legs and arms. The erratic redness next to it are also some burns.

I was at the end of my strength being told, “It will take time…they need to take before you can think about walking again and getting out of the burn ward.” by Dr. Grossman, and my fight and hope began to fade.

Within a Dark Night of the Soul, I cried out to The Divine that I knew I was strong, and that there was a reason to all of this, but that I needed help in order to heal and get out of the Burn Ward, so I could begin my new life.

At that moment, I felt an energetic presence come into the room, and a suctioning on all of my wounds. I felt myself lift out of my body and float up to the ceiling. It was the most peace I had ever felt in my entire 23 years of life. I felt as if I was in the arms of the Universe, and it was the first time in 3 weeks that I was not in the severe pain from the surgeries and burns.

I felt myself coming down from the ceiling towards my body. I was afraid to come back into my body, knowing the pain that was waiting for me, but I had no choice…there were things I had to do in this life, and it was time to take back my life from these burns.

Once I hit my body, I realized that there was only about 10% of the pain left. I still felt the stretching and tightness of the skin that was burned and raw from the grafting…but not a lot of pain.

Dr. Grossman checked me a couple days after that Divine Energetic Intervention, and his story changed from “Not sure when you will be getting out” to “Wow…it looks like you have turned the corner, and you should be out by the end of the week!”

Once I was out of the burn ward, working and feeling a bit more stable, I went on a quest to find out what that Divine Energy was that visited me in the Burn Ward.

I saw Shamans, Angel Healers, Crystal Healers…you name it and I experienced it. It wasn’t until my first Reiki session, that I found the energy healing that felt closest to what it was that came to visit me in the Burn Ward.

Once I experienced Reiki…I realized that it was the reason I am back in the world, and it is my soul’s purpose to empower others with its Divine energy and spread the knowledge and wisdom of this beautiful Energy Medicine as far and wide as I humanly can within the energetic womb I have created The Healing Woods to be.

Today, I honor fire as my biggest teacher in life. I am excited to be alive, and help others using the element of fire within my Holy Fire Reiki sessions, Fire Cupping and helping people release old attachments in gatherings I call Bullshit Bonfires.

Fire is destructive…but also purifying. I choose to harness the transformative and healing aspects of the element which brought me to my knees at age 23. Life is always a choice. We can choose to focus on the destruction…or the rebirth.

Allow me to help you find your light within rebirth…I promise you it is there.

Today I harness the healing power of Fire , as a literal Phoenix who has risen from the ashes of her past.
Today I harness the healing power of Fire, as a literal Phoenix who has risen from the ashes of her past.

Kristin Abhayada Dwan –  CMP, Reiki Master/Teacher/Coach/Author

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Professional Bio:

Kristin Abhayada Dwan empowers people to harness the energy of the Universe to change their world and selves from the inside out as a Reiki Master Coach.

She is the author of “Baptism By Flame – 10 Steps to Harnessing Your Inner Phoenix” about her near death experience in a burn ward while healing from 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body.

She has over a quarter century of experience in coaching people as a Professional Tarot Reader and Reiki Master of Usui’s Holy Fire Reiki and The Usui System of Natural Healing.

Under her belt is also 15 years experience in the Advertising Industry, where she climbed the corporate ladder to create her own position of Regional Sales Manager at an Advertising Rep Firm.

She is passionate about helping other healers build a consciously abundant business that will not only provide them the stability and abundance needed to pay their bills…but it will also provide them the deep satisfaction of using their heart within their work of spreading love and healing to a very wounded world.

Kristin hosts Bullshit Bonfires all up and down the Coast of California and Pacific Northwest, where she holds sacred space for people to gather under the changing phases of the Moon to release themselves from the shackles that time has strengthened using a mixture of Reiki, Tarot and a Bonfire.